Who issues my receipt?

Official tax receipts for your donations through AdventistGiving will be issued by the receiving church or conference church.   Most churches provide a yearly receipt in January the following year.   However, some churches will provide a receipt each time you donate. 

After a successful donation, AdventistGiving generates a confirmation of donation for your records.  You may elect to receive this confirmation by email in the final step of the donation process by selecting "Yes" as noted below. 

You can also log into your member account any time to see past donations.  

To view your previous transactions from a computer, please make sure you are using one of our preferred web browsers:  Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
1.  Go to https://adventistgiving.org
2.  Click on Log in in the top right corner of the screen and log into your member account.
3.  Click the drop down arrow by your name, located in the top right corner of the screen.
4.  Select Account history & profile.
5.  Click on the offering you want to view and then click on "Download/print details."

From an iOS or Android device, view previous transactions please log into your account.  Click on "Account" at the bottom of the screen.

Then click on "Account history and profile,"  When you click on a donation you will have the opportunity to download/print the confirmation form.

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