Why can't I use my saved payment method?

There are a few possible reasons your payment method is not acceptable.

Payment method type is not accepted by this organization

If the church you’re donating to has disabled your payment type (credit card or eCheck), any payment methods you had saved may no longer be valid for donating to that church. You can still add a new payment method of an accepted type in order to donate.

Payment method unavailable for donations in this country

“If you set up your payment method for donations to a Canadian church and are donating to a US church (or vice versa), you won’t be able to use the payment method as entered in Adventist Giving. In order to use the same payment method to donate to churches in both places, just add another payment method using the same funding source, but with a different church selected (e.g. add your credit card with a Canadian church selected, then add the same card with a US church selected). This will appear as two different payment methods, but will allow you to use one payment source for donating to both Canadian and US churches.

Payment method is expired

Your payment method has expired. Remove it, and enter its replacement or set up a new payment method in order to donate.

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