When should I expect to see my recurring donations post?

Recurring payments begin processing every 24 hours at 12:00 AM PST/PDT (midnight). If your payment is scheduled to be handled on the date the nightly task runs it will be queued up to be processed by the appropriate payment gateway for your payment type (Bank account/Credit/Debit) and recipient country (US/CA). If the act of initiating the payment process on the payment gateway is successful you will receive an email receipt of the transaction.

Depending on factors such as the payment gateway’s processing schedule, business vs. weekend dates, and US holidays, your payment may remain queued for up to ~72 hours before it is processed by the payment gateway.

Once the payment is processed by the payment gateway you should expect to see record of the transaction at your bank or credit source. There could still be factors that slow the process further, but they are mainly outside of what is considered “normal” payment processing.

If you have more questions about your payment(s), please contact Adventist Giving at help@AdventistGiving.org.

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