Donate to a church as a Guest

  1. On the AdventistGiving homepage, click "Donate" in the top right corner. [GS-1_homepage.png]
  2. Search for your church by its name in the search window in the middle of the page.
  3. Enter donation amounts to your preferred categories. [GS-8_envelope.png]
  4. Click on "Continue to donate".
  5. Continue to donate as a guest, sign in, or create a member account.
  6. Enter your information if you would like to receive a tax receipt from the church.
  7. Under the Tithe & Offering Total, select "Give Today" or select another date or recurring interval to submit your donation. [GS-9_give today.png, GS-10_recurring.png]
  8. Add your payment method.
  9. Click "Continue" to review your donation.
  10. Click "Confirm donation" to submit your donation.

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