Is it acceptable to go into credit card debt when making a contribution?

The program does not encourage debt. The AdventistGiving option is for the convenience of those who prefer to do their banking and financial transactions online.

AdventistGiving negotiates the lowest possible fees for online giving.  The costs are shared by the local conference (70%), union conference (10%), North American Division (10%) and General Conference (10%).

US Donations:
Please consider using ACH (electronic check or savings) as your payment method to keep costs to a minimum.
2nd Qtr 2020 Fees:
-  ACH (electronic check or savings account) averaged 19 cents each
-  Debit cards averaged 0.63% of the amount donated 
-  Credit cards averaged  2.18% of the amount donated

Canadian Donations:
Please consider using Debit cards as your payment method to keep costs to a minimum
-  Debit card donations may be made using Visa or MasterCard debit that corresponds with the regular banking cards provided by most of Canadian Banks
1st Qtr 2020 Fees:-  Debit cards averaged Visa .49%, MC .51% of the amount donated.
-  Credit cards averaged Amex 2.93%, Visa 1.19%, MC 1.23% of the amount donated.
-  ACH is not currently an option

As you can see, we do prefer the use of electronic checks whenever possible so that the Conference, the Union, the Division, and the General Conference can keep the costs low and continue to sponsor the use of AdventistGiving and provide the service for free to the local churches.

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