What payment types do you accept?

AdventistGiving negotiates the lowest possible fees for online giving.  The costs are shared by the local conference (70%), union conference (10%), North American Division (10%) and General Conference (10%).

US Donations:
Please consider using ACH (electronic check or savings) as your payment method to keep costs to a minimum.
  Fees Average:
-  ACH (electronic check or savings account) - 20 cents each
-  Debit cards  - 0.63% of the amount donated 
-  Credit cards - 2.18% of the amount donated

Canadian Donations:
Please consider using Debit cards as your payment method to keep costs to a minimum
-  Debit card donations may be made using Visa or MasterCard debit that corresponds with the regular banking cards provided by most of Canadian Banks
 Fees Average:  Debit cards  - .50% of the amount donated.
-  Credit cards average - Amex 2.93%, Visa 1.19%, MC 1.23% of the amount donated.
-  ACH is not currently an option