How to set up your local offering list

Here are detailed instructions for setting up your local offering list.  You may only add tax-deductible donation categories.  Please do not add  payment categories.
     A.    Log into your account at
     B.    Click on the down arrow beside you name and select the treasurer’s portal for your church.
     C.    Click on "Manage offering categories"
     D.    Click on “Add category”
             i.  Type in the local offering name (Example:  Church Budget)
             ii.  If you have a Local Code (that your accounting system uses and you want to see on your report enter that number.  If not, you may leave it blank.
             iii.  If you want to type in a description of what the offering is you can enter it.  If not you may leave this bank.
             iv.  Click on “Save Category
             v.  You will see that the category you added has a black circle in the ‘Active’ column.  If you want to inactivate it you just click that black circle.
             vi.  The Featured column will initially show the offering as not featured.  You can have up to 10 offerings featured on the front of the electronic tithe envelope.  Any additional local offering categories will be available to members by clicking “More Offering Categories” in the local section of the tithe envelope.  If you want to feature an offering category just click in the circle in the ‘Featured’ column and it will turn into a black circle, indicating it will be on the front of the tithe envelope.
     E.  To save all the local offering categories you set up or edited click on the “Commit changes” button at the bottom of the page.
     F.  Near the top right section of the Offering categories screen is a “Show preview” menu item you can use to see what it looks like on your tithe envelope.

How to view Active/Inactive and Feature/non-Featured Offerings:

You will see Active and Featured buttons just above the categories.  You can click on these buttons to see different views of your local offering lists.

Deleting or Inactivating an offering category
  A.  To delete an offering category click on the 'x' on the same line as the local offering name.  You can only delete a category that has not yet been used by a member for donation.
     B.  To inactivate a local offering so cannot be used it in the future you can click on the black circle in the 'Active' column.  The offering will disappear to the inactive list.  (See "How to view Active/Inactive and Featured/non-Featured Offerings" section above to view your inactive offerings)