How do I set up a Recurring donation in AdventistGiving?

Here are instructions on how to set up a Recurring donation in AdventsitGiving:

  1. Log into your member account and click on "Donate" to bring up the tithe envelope if it does not automatically come up for you.  
  2. Make sure that the correct church name is listed above the tithe envelope.
  3. Click on "Recurring donation" just above where the word "Tithe" is listed on the tithe envelope.
  4. Select the "Repeat interval" you would like for your recurring payment and the "Start date"
  5. Complete the tithe envelope according to the categories and amounts you would like to give and then just below the tithe envelope click "Continue."
  6. Select the bank information you wish to use for your donations, or enter new information if you have not previously saved payment information.  Click "Continue."
  7. Review the information that shows on the page and make changes if necessary and then click "Confirm payment."

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