What is an "Invalid Token?"

You can receive an "Invalid Token" error for a couple different reasons:

  1. If you waited more than 3 hours to reset your password when you click on the link in our email to reset your password you will get an "Invalid token" response because the password reset token has expired.  Just go back and request a password change again and then make sure you change it within three hours.
  2. If you requested a password reset more than one time you will get a response email from us each time.  Each time you request the reset it inactivates the previous password token.  If you do not select the most recent email we sent you, you will received an "Invalid token" response.  To solve this please delete all of our password reset response emails.  Then request a password reset one time and wait for our response.  Be sure to reset your password within 3 hours.
  3. If is best to try using a different web browser if you receive the "Invalid token" error when trying to change your password.  There are sometimes some incompatibility issues.  We recommend trying Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.